EBC Brakes – EBC Brake Pads – EBC Brake Discs

A few years back, after conquering the motorcycle brake world, the engineers at EBC brakes decided it was time to focus on the automotive brake world. And they’ve succeeded.

EBC brake pads, EBC brake shoes, and EBC brake discs are now available for your car or light commercial vehicle. From original equipment replacement EBC brakes to full race EBC brakes, there’s a category of EBC brakes that will give you the performance edge you’ve been looking for.

EBC have structured their brake pad lineup in a color coded format. That allows you to choose the performance characteristics you want from your EBC brakes and choose a pad compound that suits your driving style. Black EBC brakes denote an OE-replacement pad that will give you better wear characteristics without damaging your discs. Or, you can upgrade to green or red EBC brake pads for improved brake performance with slightly more disc wear.

EBC brakes also has a full lineup of EBC brake discs in slotted and drilled versions to complement your new EBC brake friction materials. No matter what you want out of your brake system, EBC brakes can deliver a package that will outperform your expectations as will our discount prices and fast delivery of your new EBC brakes.


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